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Unable to Download. If you are unable to download the evaluation version of Dr Keno, we are sorry. The download link may not be available at the present time. Please try again later.

Download Successful, but Unable to Install Dr Keno

Contact us and report the problem. We may be able to solve it. Be sure to include the exact text of the error message and the Windows operating system you are using.

Install Successful, but Dr Keno Program Won't Run 

1. International Users. If you were able to successfully download and install Dr Keno, but you are getting error messages upon program startup, you may need to temporarily change the regional settings on your workstation.  In some instances, we have found that the program is unable to adjust for the regional settings and correctly distinguish between commas and periods ( ,  vs . ) in numerical values. Try temporarily resetting the regional setting to 'English (US)' and restart your computer.

2. Run Dr Keno As Administrator (Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10). Make this selection by right-clicking on the DrKeno Desktop Shortcut (or the DrKeno shortcut in the list of Start Menu programs), select "Properties" and check the the box “Run this program as an administrator”on the "Compatibility" tab. This is also the solution in the event you have received an error message “CreateProcess Failed Code 740.”

If the above solutions do not help, or if you are experiencing a different problem, then


Please include any details that you think might help us properly identify and solve the problem. If there is an error message displayed, send us the complete exact wording of the error message. Be sure to tell us what Windows operating system you are using.

Known Issues

No Sound Effects. During interactive play, a sound effect (beep) is made with each Keno ball draw unless sound has been turned off in the Options section of the program. Some users have reported that sound is not heard regardless of the options setting. The problem occurs on some installations running under Windows 64-bit operating systems. The following procedure has restored sound effects for some users:

1. Close the program and right-click on the Desktop Shortcut
2. Select "Properties"
3. Click on the "Compatibility" Tab and check the following boxes: (a) "Run this program in compatibility mode" for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (b) "Run this Program as Administrator"
4. Click OK to save, then close the properties window
5. Restart Dr Keno from the Desktop icon

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